Fletro Pro v6.1 Blogger Template Download

Fletro pro v6.1 is a Blogger template that has a fast loading time, high speed and also it is fully SEO optimized. It helps you to fast index your blog post on google. It has some great theme color and a professional look for your blog or website.

What is Fletro Pro v6.1 Blogger template?

Fletro Pro v6.1 is coming with many new features that help you to make your blog more professional and also SEO optimized. In this version, the developer has added a few new features that are listed below.

Why Fletro Pro 6.1 blogger template?

When you are creating your blog or a website, you want to make sure that it looks professional. That is why the developer has created the Fletro Pro v6.1 blogger template. It is fully SEO optimized and it is fast loading. It is also responsive. This means that it looks good on any device. The main reason that you need to use this template is that it is well-organized. It is easy to jump from one page to another and it is very easy to use…

About Fletro Pro v6.1 Blogger template

Fletro pro-v6.1 was released in December 2018. And now we have released the latest Fletro pro v6.1.

What’s New in Fletro Pro v6.1 Blogger template?

  • Auto-Generate thumbnails for your posts.
  • Base Design for custom color schemes.
  • Auto-Generate blog post permalink.
  • New blog layout with 3 columns.
  • Customize blog layout for your specific needs.
  • 6. Add your social media icons.
  • Auto-Generate blog title.
  • Auto-generate a blog post thumbnail.
  • Add a blog category.
  • Home and main blog sections can be customized.
  • Fletro pro v6.1 is a fully SEO optimized blogger template that helps you to fast index your blog post in google.
  • The Fletro pro blogger template comes with a lot of features in it that will help you to show your blog in a pro manner.

What do you need to do before setting up the blogger template?

Blogger templates are one of the best ways to start an amazing blog. But not that all templates will work for your blog, but the Fletro pro v6.1 is a good choice for most bloggers. So What do you need to do before setting up the blogger template? To set up the blogger template, you will need to create a new backup of your existing blog. Once you have a blog, you need to add the blogger template to the site.

How to export blog with Fletro Pro v6.1?

To export the template in blogger, you need to go to the blogger dashboard, then click on the import tab. From here, you will be able to export the template in HTML, XML, or ZIP format. Once you complete the process, your blog is ready to post articles.

Fletro Pro V6.1 Blogger Template 

The Fletro v6.1 blogger template is a theme based on some features like WordPress. Fletro Pro v6.1 blogger template was designed as same as material UI or dashboard UI concept. Fletro Pro v6.1 blogger template is the best option for those who are just starting their career on news sites. If you are using blogger.com then I’ll recommend you to check this template.

Why do I use the fletro pro v6.1 premium blogger template?

As per Google’s algorithm, your site should be load faster than others if you want to rank in the top position. This blogger template is one of the fastest templates that I’ve ever seen. The new blogger template is a material UI based, Clean, Responsive, Premium blogger template. fletro pro v60 blogger template. Also read:

Is the Fletro v6.1 blogger template SEO friendly?

The Fletro v6.0 blogger template is one of the best SEO friendly blogger templates. The loading time is less than 1 second. If you check the loading speed at the Page Speed inside the tool, you will get a 99% mobile and 100% desktop speed. The Fletro Pro v6.0 premium blogger template is an SEO Optimized blogger template that helps you to index your blog post in google within some minutes. fletro pro v6.1 premium blogger

The navigation menu of the Fletro v6.1 free premium blogger template

Fletro v6.0 blogger template is an app-based UI concept blogger template. The menus are made with 3 column concept. The UI looks like a web app, that is helpful to attract your blog readers. The concept is as same as Google’s Google Adsense, Google Drive. Fletro pro v6.1 premium blogger template, Fletro Pro V6.1 free premium blogger template.

Features of the blogger template

Unable to install it on the blogger.com website? Feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to update the theme regularly basis. If you are unable to update you can follow our website or contact us directly.

  • New Fresh Looks:-Developers re-update all template code (including CSS code), so the most noticeable difference is in the template structure. In the case of looks, the developer changed some parts to make it easier. Using CSS
  • Variables for Color:-Now in fletro v6.1 we use the CSS variable:root {} to color all the elements. Now you don’t have to worry about changing the color of the template, especially for AMP users, by changing just one line of code, all the colors will be changed automatically.
  • Easy to Change Navigation Links:-In the latest version the developer has added a new widget as an option for those of you who have difficulty in editing the navigation menu in HTML template, this new widget can be edited directly through blogger layout. In which social media links can also be easily edited.
Responsive Yes
Google Tool Validator Yes
SEO Friendly Yes
Mobile-Friendly Yes
404 Page Yes
Featured Post Yes
Shortcode Yes
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Google Ads Ready Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Search Widget Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Responsive Menu And Layout Yes
Fletro Pro Premium Blogger Template Download


Fletro pro v6.1 is a professional blogger template that will help you to create your blog easily. Fletro pro v6.1 is easily configurable and can be edited easily with the help of a user-friendly interface. If you are looking for a blogger template, Fletro Pro v6.1 is the perfect blogger template for you.


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